Jacqueline Marku

Badge #5535, White Female
Police Officer at Patrol Borough POD
Service started April 2017, made $61,700 last year, active


1 Allegation
0 Substantiated
1 Complaint
1 Exonerated

July 2021 Complaint
Allegation: Force: Physical force
CCRB Conclusion: Exonerated
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July 2021 Complaint
Allegation CCRB Conclusion
Force: Physical force Exonerated
additional details

Conclusion Meanings:

'Exonerated': or 'Within NYPD Guidelines' - The alleged conduct occurred but did not violate the NYPD's own rules, which often give officers significant discretion.

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Pallet, Chestom vs City of New York, et al.
Case # 811386/2021E, Supreme Court - Bronx, August 23, 2021