Demetrious D. Starling

Demetrious D. Starling

Demetrious D. Starling
Badge #24247, Black Male
Police Officer at License Division since January 2021
Also served in: 106th Precinct
Service started July 2006, made $128,000 last year, active


1 Allegation
0 Substantiated
1 Complaint
1 Exonerated

May 2009 Complaint
Allegation: Force: Physical force
Complainant: Asian Male, 41
CCRB Conclusion: Exonerated
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May 2009 Complaint
Allegation Complainant CCRB Conclusion
Force: Physical force Asian Male, 41 Exonerated
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Conclusion Meanings:

'Exonerated': or 'Within NYPD Guidelines' - The alleged conduct occurred but did not violate the NYPD's own rules, which often give officers significant discretion.

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Case: 2012-6782
Opened: 3/7/2012
Closed: 11/20/2012
Case Details:
  1. Guilty: Wrongfully associated with an individual who engaged in criminal activities
  2. Guilty: Off post
  3. Guilty: Failed to safeguard his service firearm
  4. Guilty: Wrongfully conducted personal business white on duty and wrongfully utilized his Department cellular telephone for non-Department purposes
  5. Guilty: Wrongfully utilized his Department vehicle for non-Department purposes.
  6. Guilty: Failed to make accurate entries in his activity log.
  7. Guilty: After noticing an on duty Member of Service during the site of an active street narcotics enforcement unit operation, did improperly flee causing said on duty Member of Service to pursue him.
  8. Guilty: Wrongfully offered misleading information regarding his presence at said location.
Penalty: Dismissal from the New York City Police Department; however, judgment is suspended and respondent will be placed on dismissal probation for a period of one (1) year. Forfeiture of forty (40) vacation days


Named in 2 known lawsuits.

Hoskins, Albert A. vs City of New York, et al.
Case # 515210/2018, Supreme Court - Kings, August 2, 2018

Gault, Anthony E. vs Starling, Demetrious, et al.
Case # 15CV00935, U.S. District Court - Eastern District NY, January 20, 2016, ended April 25, 2018
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