George Azize

Badge #2913, Hispanic Male
Detective Specialist at Emergency Service Squad 03 since April 2017
Also served in: Police Service Area 2
Service started July 2007, made $156,000 last year, active

Lawsuit settlements:
$22,500   Roberts, Jarvis, et al. vs City of New York, et al., 2016 EDNY EDNY 16CV05409
$25,000   King, Trevonne vs City of New York, et al., 2016 EDNY EDNY 16CV00306
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1 Allegation
0 Substantiated
1 Complaint
1 Exonerated

June 2012 Complaint
Allegation: Force: Physical force
Complainant: Black Male, 40
CCRB Conclusion: Exonerated
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June 2012 Complaint
Allegation Complainant CCRB Conclusion
Force: Physical force Black Male, 40 Exonerated
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Conclusion Meanings:

'Exonerated': or 'Within NYPD Guidelines' - The alleged conduct occurred but did not violate the NYPD's own rules, which often give officers significant discretion.

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Named in 5 known lawsuits, $47,500 total settlements.

Walker, Akeem vs P.O. Peters, Theodore, et al.
Case # 522574/2018, Supreme Court - Kings, March 4, 2019

Roberts, Jarvis, et al. vs City of New York, et al.
Case # 16CV05409, U.S. District Court - Eastern District NY, September 30, 2016, ended February 13, 2018
$22,500 Settlement
Description: The plaintiffs were at a residence when the defendant officers entered without a warrant, searched the residence, and strip searched each plaintiff. They found one gun in a bottom drawer of one of the rooms and arrested the plaintiffs for Possession of a Firearm. They were taken to Brooklyn Central Booking and then the DA declined to prosecute.

King, Trevonne vs City of New York, et al.
Case # 16CV00306, U.S. District Court - Eastern District NY, February 3, 2016, ended February 16, 2017
$25,000 Settlement
complaint, Amended Complaint
Description: Defendant Officers stopped Plaintiff outside in his neighborhood. They forcibly grabbed, searched and arrested Plaintiff. They found no contraband but brought plaintiff into PSA2 for arrest. He was charged with promoting gambling in the second degree. The charge was later adjourned in contemplation of dismissal. At Plaintiff's October 23 Court appearance, Defendant Officers stopped the plaintiff, searched him, and removed him from the Court to take him to the 73rd precinct. After forcing the Plaintiff to appear in multiple lineups, the Officers eventually released him.

Jackson, Donnell vs City of New York, et al.
Case # 15CV04109, U.S. District Court - Eastern District NY, November 20, 2015
Complaint, Amended Complaint
Description: Plaintiff was falsely arrested twice for criminal possession of a weapon in the second degree. The first time plaintiff was waiting for his friend at his friend's house while the defendant officers came into the house, falsely arrested him and brought plaintiff to the 73rd precinct. The second time plaintiff was running back from his home to his friend's house nearby while defendant officers stopped him and falsely accused plaintiff of having a weapon. Both of the cases, the charges were dismissed.

Powell, Donald vs City of New York, et al.
Case # 505235/2013, Supreme Court - Kings, September 13, 2013, ended April 11, 2017