Tyrone Barrionuevo

Badge #2402, Hispanic Male
Detective Grade 3 at Special Victims Division Zone 3
Also served in: Transit Bureau Anti-Terrorism
Service started January 2008, made $155,000 last year, active

Lawsuit settlements:
$100,000   Nickens, Rabin vs City of New York, et al., 2014 NYCSC NYCSC 161959/2013
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1 Allegation
0 Substantiated
1 Complaint
1 Complainant Unavailable

October 2012 Complaint
Allegation: Force: Physical force
Complainant: Black Female, 37
CCRB Conclusion: Complainant Unavailable
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October 2012 Complaint
Allegation Complainant CCRB Conclusion
Force: Physical force Black Female, 37 Complainant Unavailable
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Nickens, Rabin vs City of New York, et al.
Case # 161959/2013, Supreme Court - New York, February 19, 2014, ended September 10, 2014
$100,000 Settlement