Elizabeth A. Warrington

Badge #23084, White Female
Police Officer at 75th Precinct Detective Squad since October 2022, active
Also served at 75th Precinct
Service started July 2012, made $134,000 last year, Tax #953560

Lawsuit settlements:
$10,001   Ballou, Sean vs City of New York, et al., 2015 EDNY EDNY 15CV01346
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Ballou, Sean vs City of New York, et al.
Case # 15CV01346, U.S. District Court - Eastern District NY, March 18, 2015, ended April 12, 2016
$10,001 Settlement
Description: On September 14, 2013, Plaintiff Sean Ballou was assaulted by a woman he knows, JS, who struck him with her hands and with the rack of a grill. Plaintiff did not strike or assault JS in any fashion. Several uniformed police officers, including Officer Warrington and the Officers Doe, responded to the scene. JS told Officers Warrington and Doe that Plaintiff did not assault her. One of the responding officers recognized Plaintiff as a person who previously sued the department and promptly arrested Plaintiff. Officers transported Plaintiff to the local precinct, and then to Kings County Central Booking. Officer Warrington completed paperwork with false statements, including that a woman named Stacy Samuels ...

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