Kareem A. Robinson

Badge #5587, Black Male
Police Officer at Highway Unit 01 since January 2023, active
Service started October 2017, made $66,400 last year, Tax #964732


Tsamasiros, Maria vs City of New York, et al.
Case # 22CV05631, U.S. District Court - Eastern District NY, September 22, 2022
Description: On May 21, 2022, on 4th Avenue and 94th street, Plaintiff was driving, and Police Officer Ricky Poh pulled him over for excessively tinted windows. This car was not the Plaintiff's own. After pulling Plaintiff over, Officer Poh stated he smelled alcohol. Plaintiff informed the officer that the two passengers had been drinking and the Plaintiff was the designated driver. Officer Poh searched Plaintiffs body. Officer Poh brought Plaintiff in handcuffs to Barclay Center to get a breathalyzer test. Plaintiff then passed at the legal limit of .08. Then Officer Poh required Plaintiff to take a Field Sobriety test, which Plaintiff also passed. Officer Kareen Robinson then arrested Plaintiff regardless of these sobriet...