Patrick W. Harloff

Badge #24029, White Male
Police Officer at Transit Bureau Citywide Vandals Task Force since October 2022, active
Service started July 2012, made $130,000 last year, Tax #952832

Lawsuit settlements:
$30,000   Velasquez, Paulo vs P.O. Harloff, Patrick, et al., 2018 EDNY EDNY 18CV06670
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Velasquez, Paulo vs P.O. Harloff, Patrick, et al.
Case # 18CV06670, U.S. District Court - Eastern District NY, December 17, 2018, ended March 2, 2020
$30,000 Settlement
Description: Around 2:30 pm on August 25, 2017, two police officers and two probationary police officers arrived at Mr. Velasquez's house after an incident that occurred about 20 minutes earlier where a rottweiler charged at his son. Officer Harloff grabbed Mr. Velasquez's firearm, which he is lawfully permitted to own and carry as a retired police officer, and threw it onto the ground. Officers Meo and Freda grabbed both of Mr. Velasquez's arms and handcuffed him very tightly. About 20 minutes later, the officers then pushed Mr. Velasquez against his neighbor's fence then brought him down to the ground. Another 20 minutes later, the officers told Mr. Velasquez he could go, but refused to return his firearm to him unless ...