Felix Rivera

Lieutenant Commander Detective at Detective Borough SID since September 2016
Service started December 1997, made $214,000 last year, Tax #920765
Hispanic Male

Lawsuit settlements:
$7,000   Foster, Antoine vs Police Department, Nyc, et al., 2015 NYCSC NYCSC 155356/2015
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Named in 2 known lawsuits, $7,000 total settlements.

Jones, Robert vs Bloomberg, Michael, et al.
Case # 14CV06402, U.S. District Court - Southern District NY, November 8, 2016, ended January 17, 2018
Zero Disposition
Description: On January 27, 2012, defendants entered plaintiff's apartment and observed plaintiff using a stolen laptop, which defendants had tracked to plaintiff's apartment through use of the computer's GPS function. Defendants thereafter placed plaintiff under arrest and transported him to a nearby precinct. At the precinct, plaintiff was interrogated for over 16 hours, and was denied medical assistance for his many conditions. Plaintiff was subsequently transported to the hospital and charged with several counts of burglary and criminal possession of stolen property.

Foster, Antoine vs Police Department, Nyc, et al.
Case # 155356/2015, Supreme Court - New York, June 1, 2015, ended June 23, 2021
$7,000 Settlement