John Fernandez

Lieutenant at Community Affairs Bureau since July 2023, active
Also served at Internal Affairs Bureau, Transit Bureau District 30, Transit Bureau Investigation Unit
Service started July 2002, made $173,000 last year, Tax #930138
Hispanic Male

Lawsuit settlements:
$43,000   Davis, Tyiece, et al. vs City of New York, et al., 2014 EDNY EDNY 14CV03036
$58,000   Torres et al v. City of New York et al., EDNY EDNY 12CV06042
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Named in 2 known lawsuits, $101,000 total settlements.

Davis, Tyiece, et al. vs City of New York, et al.
Case # 14CV03036, U.S. District Court - Eastern District NY, May 19, 2014, ended October 23, 2014
$43,000 Settlement
Description: On November 20, 2013, the two Plaintiffs were lawfully present inside one of the Plaintiff’s apartment. Without a warrant or lawful basis, Detective John Fernandez and unknown officers entered the apartment and falsely arrested Plaintiffs for permitting prostitution. At the time they arrested Plaintiffs, the officers lacked probable cause to believe they had committed any crime or offense. Plaintiffs were taken to a police van and driven around for three hours before being taken to a police precinct. At the precinct the officers falsely informed employees of the DA’s Office that Plaintiffs had committed the aforementioned criminal offense. Plaintiffs were then taken to central booking and arraigned. After spend...

Torres et al v. City of New York et al.
Case # 12CV06042, U.S. District Court - Eastern District NY
$58,000 Settlement
Stipulation, First Amended Complaint
Description: Defendant officers entered home of plaintiffs, handcuffed them and searched their home. Plaintiffs were transported to the 60th precinct. All charges against plaintiffs were dismissed.