Complaint #202311904, December 2023

Incident: December 19, 2023
Closed: February 28, 2024

Updated: May 19, 2024

Reason for contact: PD suspected C/V of violation/crime - bldg
Location: Commercial building
In NYPD 44th Precinct Bronx
Outcome: No arrest made or summons issued
Officer: Crain, Christopher
Complainant: Black Male, 35-39
Allegation: Abuse of Authority: Threat of arrest
CCRB Conclusion: OMB PEG Directive Closure
Officer Complainant Allegation CCRB Conclusion
Crain, Christopher Black Male, 35-39 Abuse of Authority: Threat of arrest OMB PEG Directive Closure

Conclusion Meanings:

'OMB PEG Directive Closure': Due to citywide budget cuts, CCRB is no longer able to fully investigate certain cases within its jurisdiction and suspended investigating some types of complaints.

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