Sukhjiwan S. Nijjar

Badge #4909, Asian Male
Detective Grade 3 at 115th Precinct Detective Squad since June 2016
Also served in: Midtown North Precinct
Service started July 2001, made $180,000 last year, active

Discipline Cases:

Case: 2015-14796
Closed: 7/18/2016

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4 Allegations
0 Substantiated
1 Complaint
1 Exonerated
1 Unfounded
2 Unsubstantiated

September 2003 Complaint
Allegation: Force: Physical force
Complainant: Asian Male, 32
CCRB Conclusion: Exonerated
Allegation: Offensive Language: Race
Complainant: Asian Male, 32
CCRB Conclusion: Unsubstantiated
Allegation: Discourtesy: Word
Complainant: Asian Male, 32
CCRB Conclusion: Unsubstantiated
Allegation: Force: Handcuffs too tight
Complainant: Asian Male, 32
CCRB Conclusion: Unfounded
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September 2003 Complaint
Allegation Complainant CCRB Conclusion
Force: Physical force Asian Male, 32 Exonerated
Offensive Language: Race Asian Male, 32 Unsubstantiated
Discourtesy: Word Asian Male, 32 Unsubstantiated
Force: Handcuffs too tight Asian Male, 32 Unfounded
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Conclusion Meanings:

'Exonerated': or 'Within NYPD Guidelines' - The alleged conduct occurred but did not violate the NYPD's own rules, which often give officers significant discretion.
'Unfounded': Evidence suggests that the event or alleged conduct did not occur.
'Unsubstantiated': or 'Unable to Determine' - CCRB has fully investigated but could not affirmatively conclude both that the conduct occurred and that it broke the rules.

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Case: 2015-14796
Closed: 7/18/2016
Case Details:
  1. Guilty: Being scheduled to perform a tour, said detective was absent without leave.
  2. Guilty: Wrongfully caused false entries to be made in Department records.
Penalty: Vacation days (30 days)