Angel M. Gonzalez

Badge #463, Hispanic Male
Police Officer at 6th Precinct since May 2019
Service started January 2018, made $82,500 last year, Tax #965143


Baerga, Jason vs City of New York, et al.
Case # 155493/2022, Supreme Court - New York, July 19, 2022
Description: On July 5, 2021, while lawfully near Washington Square Park South in New York, the plaintiff witnessed police officers using excessive force to remove persons from the park during an unrelated activity. Attempting to use his flashlight to obtain a badge number, the plaintiff was struck twice by Defendant Officer Matos, who used his baton to knock the flashlight from his hand. As more defendant officers began chasing civilians, the plaintiff attempted to run but was grabbed, thrown to the ground, and jumped on by several officers. They repeatedly struck the plaintiff with fists, feet, and batons, causing injuries, and pinned him to the ground with their knees while stomping on his hand. None of the defendant off...