Christopher J. Rodrigues

Badge #8102, White Male
Police Officer at 73rd Precinct since August 2015, active
Service started July 2014, made $126,000 last year, Tax #957088

Discipline Cases:

Case: 2018-19851
Closed: 3/20/2019

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1 Complaint
1 Allegation
0 Substantiated
1 Unfounded

Complaint #202302490, March 2023
Allegation: Abuse of Authority: Refusal to obtain medical treatment
Complainant: Black Male, 50-54
CCRB Conclusion: Unfounded
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Complaint #202302490, March 2023
Allegation Complainant CCRB Conclusion
Abuse of Authority: Refusal to obtain medical treatment Black Male, 50-54 Unfounded
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Conclusion Meanings:

'Unfounded': Evidence suggests that the event or alleged conduct did not occur.

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Case: 2018-19851
Closed: 3/20/2019
Case Details:
  1. Guilty: While on duty did fail and neglect to properly safeguard a prisoner, resulting in loss of said prisoner.
  2. Guilty: Failed to make a timely notification and initiate mobilization after a prisoner escaped custody.
Penalty: Pre-trial suspension days (16 days)

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