Efrain Gonzalez

Efrain Gonzalez

Efrain Gonzalez
Badge #26902, Hispanic Male
Police Officer at Property Clerk Division since January 2024, active
Service started July 2003, made $135,000 last year, Tax #932729

Lawsuit settlements:
$10,000   Geronimo, Wilbert vs City of New York, et al., 2016 NYCSC NYCSC 152086/2016
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Case: 2010-565
Closed: 5/4/2010
Case Details:
  1. Guilty: Engaged in a physical and verbal altercation with a person known to the Department.
  2. Guilty: Failed and neglected to notify the Patrol Supervisor of an unusual police occurrence.
Penalty: Vacation days (12 days)


Geronimo, Wilbert vs City of New York, et al.
Case # 152086/2016, Supreme Court - New York, May 17, 2016, ended October 4, 2018
$10,000 Settlement