Matthew J. Obrien

Matthew J. Obrien

Matthew J. Obrien
Badge #1869, White Male
Sergeant at Strategic Response Group Crowd Management Unit since September 2022, active
Also served at 100th Precinct, Disorder Control Unit, Patrol Borough Queens South Task Force
Service started January 2005, made $119,000 last year, Tax #937549

Lawsuit settlements:
$19,500   Matieu, Yves vs City of New York, et al., 2021 SDNY SDNY 21CV05387
$305,000   Benjamin, Ivan vs City of New York, et al., 2015 EDNY EDNY 15CV02319
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1 Allegation
0 Substantiated
1 Complaint
1 Complaint Withdrawn

October 2008 Complaint
Allegation: Force: Physical force
Complainant: White Male, 39
CCRB Conclusion: Complaint Withdrawn
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October 2008 Complaint
Allegation Complainant CCRB Conclusion
Force: Physical force White Male, 39 Complaint Withdrawn
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Named in 2 known lawsuits, $324,500 total settlements.

Matieu, Yves vs City of New York, et al.
Case # 21CV05387, U.S. District Court - Southern District NY, July 9, 2021, ended March 7, 2022
$19,500 Settlement
Description: On November 4, 2020, plaintiff was peacefully and lawfully protesting in support of the Black Lives Matter movement when he was struck by P.O.s O'Brien, Gregory J. McNamara, Lt. John J. Egan and thrown to the ground. Plaintiff was punched repeatedly in the face by the officers. Other police officers were standing nearby but did nothing to help plaintiff. The officers arrested and detained plaintiff without reason or justification.

Benjamin, Ivan vs City of New York, et al.
Case # 15CV02319, U.S. District Court - Eastern District NY, March 25, 2015, ended August 2, 2017
$305,000 Settlement
Complaint, Amended Complaint
Description: Defendant Officers stopped Plaintiff's car, pulled him out the window, assaulted him with fists and a blunt object, then took him to the 105th Precinct and then the hospital.