Complaint #202206668, October 2022

Incident: October 4, 2022
Closed: November 29, 2023

Updated: June 1, 2024

Reason for contact: Report of other crime
Location: Hospital
In NYPD 32nd Precinct Manhattan
Outcome: No arrest made or summons issued

Witness Officers: Ryan Hirschi
Officer: Andreu, Travis
Complainant: Male
Allegation: Abuse of Authority: Other
CCRB Conclusion: Unable to Determine
Officer: Andreu, Travis
Complainant: Male
Allegation: Discourtesy: Gesture
CCRB Conclusion: Substantiated (Command Discipline A)
Officer Complainant Allegation CCRB Conclusion
Andreu, Travis Male Abuse of Authority: Other Unable to Determine
Andreu, Travis Male Discourtesy: Gesture Substantiated (Command Discipline A)


Andreu, Travis
Command Discipline - A

Conclusion Meanings:

'Substantiated': The alleged conduct occurred and it violated the rules. The NYPD has discretion over what, if any, discipline is imposed.
'Unable to Determine': CCRB has fully investigated but could not affirmatively conclude both that the conduct occurred and that it broke the rules.

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