NYPD Precincts and Units

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1st Precinct
1st Precinct Detective Squad
5th Precinct
5th Precinct Detective Squad
6th Precinct
6th Precinct Detective Squad
7th Precinct
7th Precinct Detective Squad
9th Precinct
9th Precinct Detective Squad
10th Precinct
10th Precinct Detective Squad
13th Precinct
13th Precinct Detective Squad
17th Precinct
17th Precinct Detective Squad
19th Precinct
19th Precinct Detective Squad
20th Precinct
20th Precinct Detective Squad
23rd Precinct
23rd Precinct Detective Squad
24th Precinct
24th Precinct Detective Squad
25th Precinct
25th Precinct Detective Squad
26th Precinct
26th Precinct Detective Squad
28th Precinct
28th Precinct Detective Squad
30th Precinct
30th Precinct Detective Squad
32nd Precinct
32nd Precinct Detective Squad
33rd Precinct
33rd Precinct Detective Squad
34th Precinct
34th Precinct Detective Squad
40th Precinct
40th Precinct Detective Squad
41st Precinct
41st Precinct Detective Squad
42nd Precinct
42nd Precinct Detective Squad
43rd Precinct
43rd Precinct Detective Squad
44th Precinct
44th Precinct Detective Squad
45th Precinct
45th Precinct Detective Squad
46th Precinct
46th Precinct Detective Squad
47th Precinct
47th Precinct Detective Squad
48th Precinct
48th Precinct Detective Squad
49th Precinct
49th Precinct Detective Squad
50th Precinct
50th Precinct Detective Squad
52nd Precinct
52nd Precinct Detective Squad
60th Precinct
60th Precinct Detective Squad
61st Precinct
61st Precinct Detective Squad
62nd Precinct
62nd Precinct Detective Squad
63rd Precinct
63rd Precinct Detective Squad
66th Precinct
66th Precinct Detective Squad
67th Precinct
67th Precinct Detective Squad
68th Precinct
68th Precinct Detective Squad
69th Precinct
69th Precinct Detective Squad
70th Precinct
70th Precinct Detective Squad
71st Precinct
71st Precinct Detective Squad
72nd Precinct
72nd Precinct Detective Squad
73rd Precinct
73rd Precinct Detective Squad
75th Precinct
75th Precinct Detective Squad
76th Precinct
76th Precinct Detective Squad
77th Precinct
77th Precinct Detective Squad
78th Precinct
78th Precinct Detective Squad
79th Precinct
79th Precinct Detective Squad
81st Precinct
81st Precinct Detective Squad
83rd Precinct
83rd Precinct Detective Squad
84th Precinct
84th Precinct Detective Squad
88th Precinct
88th Precinct Detective Squad
90th Precinct
90th Precinct Detective Squad
94th Precinct
94th Precinct Detective Squad
100th Precinct
100th Precinct Detective Squad
101st Precinct
101st Precinct Detective Squad
102nd Precinct
102nd Precinct Detective Squad
103rd Precinct
103rd Precinct Detective Squad
104th Precinct
104th Precinct Detective Squad
105th Precinct
105th Precinct Detective Squad
106th Precinct
106th Precinct Detective Squad
107th Precinct
107th Precinct Detective Squad
108th Precinct
108th Precinct Detective Squad
109th Precinct
109th Precinct Detective Squad
110th Precinct
110th Precinct Detective Squad
111th Precinct
111th Precinct Detective Squad
112th Precinct
112th Precinct Detective Squad
113th Precinct
113th Precinct Detective Squad
114th Precinct
114th Precinct Detective Squad
115th Precinct
115th Precinct Detective Squad
120th Precinct
120th Precinct Detective Squad
121st Precinct
121st Precinct Detective Squad
122nd Precinct
122nd Precinct Detective Squad
123rd Precinct
123rd Precinct Detective Squad
Administration Division
Arson and Explosion Squad
Auto Crime
Auxiliary Police Section
Aviation Unit
BH Division
Barrier Section
Bomb Squad
Bronx Court Section
Bronx Robbery Squad
Bronx Special Victims Squad
Bronx Special Victims Squad
Bronx Standards and Assessment Unit
Brooklyn Court Section
Brooklyn Robbery Squad
Brooklyn Special Victims Squad
Brooklyn Standards and Assessment Unit
Building Maintenance Section
Business Improvement Deployment Team
CCRB Liaison Unit
Campus Management Section
Central Investigation and Research Division
Central Park Detective Squad
Central Park Precinct
Chaplains Unit
Chief of Department Investigation Review Section
Chief of Department Office
Chief of Department Rapid Response Unit
Chief of Special Operations
City Wide Counterterrorism Unit
Cold Case Squad
Communications Division
Community Affairs Bureau
Community Affairs Bureau Community Outreach Division
Comp Division Body Worn Camera Unit
Contract Administration Unit
Counterterrorism Division
Counterterrorism Lower Manhattan Security Initiative
Court Monitoring Section
Crime Control Strategies
Crime Prevention Division
Crime Scene Unit
Criminal Intelligence Section
Criminal Justice Bureau
Critical Response Command
DA Bronx
DA Brooklyn
DA New York
DA Queens
DA Staten Island
DBBS Video Collection Team
Data Analysis and Mapping Section
Dep Comm Community Partnerships
Dep Comm Community Partnerships YSU
Department Comm Employee Relations
Department Comm Employee Relations CU
Department Comm Equity & Inclusion
Department Comm Intel & Counterterrorism
Department of Investigation Squad
Deputy Commissioner Department Advocate Office
Deputy Commissioner Labor Relations
Deputy Commissioner Management and Budget
Deputy Commissioner of Public Information
Deputy Commissioner of Trials
Detective Borough Bronx
Detective Borough Bronx Homicide Squad
Detective Borough Bronx Operations
Detective Borough Brooklyn North
Detective Borough Brooklyn North Homicide Squad
Detective Borough Brooklyn North Operations
Detective Borough Brooklyn Operations
Detective Borough Brooklyn South
Detective Borough Brooklyn South Homicide Squad
Detective Borough Manhattan North
Detective Borough Manhattan North Operations
Detective Borough Manhattan South
Detective Borough Manhattan South Operations
Detective Borough Manhattan Zone 1
Detective Borough Manhattan Zone 2
Detective Borough Manhattan Zone 6
Detective Borough Queens Homicide Squad
Detective Borough Queens North
Detective Borough Queens North Operations
Detective Borough Queens South
Detective Borough Queens South Operations
Detective Borough Queens Zone 16
Detective Borough SID
Detective Borough Staten Island
Detective Bureau
Detective Bureau Central Robbery Division
Detective Bureau Criminal Enterprise Division
Detective Bureau Financial Crimes Task Force
Detective Bureau Grand Larceny Division
Detective Bureau Gun Violence Suppression Division
Detective Bureau Hate Crimes Task Force
Detective Bureau Latent Print Section
Detective Bureau Manhattan North Homicide Squad
Detective Bureau Manhattan South Homicide Squad
Detective Bureau Manhattan Special Victims Squad
Detective Bureau Special Victims Division
Detective Bureau Staten Island Operations
Detective Bureau Transit Special Investigation Unit
Disorder Control Unit
Driver Education and Training Unit
Drug Enforcement Task Force
Emergency Service Squad 01
Emergency Service Squad 02
Emergency Service Squad 03
Emergency Service Squad 04
Emergency Service Squad 05
Emergency Service Squad 06
Emergency Service Squad 07
Emergency Service Squad 08
Emergency Service Squad 09
Emergency Service Squad 10
Emergency Services Unit
Equal Employment Opportunity Division
Equipment Section
Executive Protection Unit
Facilities Management Division
Family Assistance Section
Firearms Suppression Section
Firearms and Tactics Section
First Deputy Commissioner
Fleet Services Division
Force Investigation Division
Forensics Investigations Division
Fugitive Enforcement Division
Gun Violence Suppression Division Zone 01
Gun Violence Suppression Division Zone 02
Harbor Unit
Headquarters Security
Health and Wellness Section
Highway Unit 01
Highway Unit 02
Highway Unit 03
Highway Unit 05
Housing Borough Bronx/Queens Impact Response Team
Housing Borough Brooklyn Impact Response Team
Housing Borough Manhattan Impact Response Team
Housing Bronx/Queens
Housing Brooklyn
Housing Bureau
Housing Community Affairs Section
Housing Manhattan
Housing Special Operations Section
Information Technology Services Division
Intel-Municipal Security Section
Intelligence Bureau
Intelligence Bureau UOU
Intelligence Division
Intelligence Operations and Analysis Section
Intelligence Public Security Section
Internal Affairs Bureau
Investigative Support Division
Joint Bank Robbery Task Force
Joint Terrorism Task Force
Juvenile Crime Section
Leadership Training Section
Leave Integrity Management Section
Legal Bureau
License Division
Life Safety Systems Division
Major Case Squad
Manhattan Court Section
Manhattan Robbery Squad
Manhattan Standards and Assessment Unit
Medical Division
Midtown North Detective Squad
Midtown North Precinct
Midtown South Detective Squad
Midtown South Precinct
Military and Extended Leave Desk
Missing Persons Squad
Mounted Unit
Narcotics Borough Bronx
Narcotics Borough Brooklyn North
Narcotics Borough Brooklyn South
Narcotics Borough Manhattan North
Narcotics Borough Manhattan South
Narcotics Borough Queens North
Narcotics Borough Queens South
Narcotics Borough Staten Island
OPS Emergency Prep and Exercise
OPS Tactical Support Unit
OPS Unit
Office of Information Technology
Office of Management Analysis and Planning
Office of the Deputy Commissioner Management and Budget
Operations Bureau
Operations Division
Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Strike Force
Organized Crime Investigation Division
Patrol Borough Bronx
Patrol Borough Bronx Community Affairs Section
Patrol Borough Bronx Community Response Team
Patrol Borough Bronx South Public Safety Teams
Patrol Borough Bronx Specialized Units
Patrol Borough Brooklyn North
Patrol Borough Brooklyn North Community Affairs Section
Patrol Borough Brooklyn North Community Response Team
Patrol Borough Brooklyn North Public Safety Teams
Patrol Borough Brooklyn North Specialized Units
Patrol Borough Brooklyn South
Patrol Borough Brooklyn South Community Affairs Section
Patrol Borough Brooklyn South Community Response Team
Patrol Borough Brooklyn South Public Safety Teams
Patrol Borough Brooklyn South Specialized Units
Patrol Borough Candidate Assessment Division
Patrol Borough Human Resources Division
Patrol Borough Manhattan North
Patrol Borough Manhattan North Community Affairs Section
Patrol Borough Manhattan North Community Response Team
Patrol Borough Manhattan North Public Safety Teams
Patrol Borough Manhattan North Specialized Units
Patrol Borough Manhattan South
Patrol Borough Manhattan South Community Affairs Section
Patrol Borough Manhattan South Community Response Team
Patrol Borough Manhattan South Public Safety Teams
Patrol Borough Manhattan South Specialized Units
Patrol Borough POD
Patrol Borough Queens North
Patrol Borough Queens North Community Affairs Section
Patrol Borough Queens North Community Response Team
Patrol Borough Queens North Public Safety Teams
Patrol Borough Queens North Specialized Units
Patrol Borough Queens South
Patrol Borough Queens South Community Affairs Section
Patrol Borough Queens South Community Response Team
Patrol Borough Queens South Public Safety Teams
Patrol Borough Queens South Specialized Units
Patrol Borough SAS
Patrol Borough Staten Island
Patrol Borough Staten Island Community Affairs Section
Patrol Borough Staten Island Public Safety Teams
Patrol Borough Staten Island Specialized Units
Patrol Service Bureau Community Response Team
Patrol Services Bureau
Patrol Services Bureau IES
Patrol Services Bureau Movie and T.V. Unit
Patrol Services Bureau Resource Management Section
Patrol Services Bureau Wheel
Payroll and Benefits Division
Personnel Bureau
Photo Unit
Police Academy Payroll and Roll Call
Police Cadet Corps Unit
Police Commissioner Office
Police Laboratory
Police Pension Fund
Police Service Area 1
Police Service Area 2
Police Service Area 3
Police Service Area 4
Police Service Area 5
Police Service Area 6
Police Service Area 7
Police Service Area 8
Police Service Area 9
Professional Standards Bureau
Property Clerk Division
Quality Assurance
Quartermaster Section
Queens Court Section
Queens Robbery Squad
Queens Special Victims Squad
Queens Standards and Assessment Unit
Real Time Crime Center
Recruit Training Section
Risk Management Bureau CD
Risk Management Bureau Quality Assurance Division
School Safety Division
School Safety Division Youth Response Team
Special Fraud Squad
Special Victims Division Zone 1
Special Victims Division Zone 3
Specialized Training Section
Staten Island Court Section
Staten Island Special Victims Squad
Staten Island Standards and Assessment Unit
Strategic Initiatives Bureau
Strategic Response Group
Strategic Response Group 1 Manhattan
Strategic Response Group 2 Bronx
Strategic Response Group 3 Brooklyn
Strategic Response Group 4 Queens
Strategic Response Group 5 Staten Island
Strategic Response Group Crowd Management Unit
Strategic Technology Division
Technical Assistance and Response Unit
Training Bureau
Transit Authority Liaison
Transit Bureau
Transit Bureau Anti-Terrorism Unit
Transit Bureau Bronx/Queens
Transit Bureau Brooklyn
Transit Bureau Brooklyn Task Force
Transit Bureau Bus Enforcement Unit
Transit Bureau Canine Unit
Transit Bureau Citywide Vandals Task Force
Transit Bureau Crime Analysis
Transit Bureau District 1
Transit Bureau District 11
Transit Bureau District 12
Transit Bureau District 2
Transit Bureau District 20
Transit Bureau District 23
Transit Bureau District 3
Transit Bureau District 30
Transit Bureau District 32
Transit Bureau District 33
Transit Bureau District 34
Transit Bureau District 4
Transit Bureau Manhattan
Transit Bureau Manhattan Task Force
Transit Bureau Response Team
Transit Bureau Special Operations District
Transit Bureau Subway Safety Task Force
Transit Standards and Assessment Unit
Transportation Bureau
Transportation Bureau Citywide Traffic
Transportation Bureau Highway District
Transportation Bureau Traffic Enforcement District
Uniformed Promotions Training Unit
Vice Enforcement
Vice Enforcement Squad MCS
Vice Enforcement Squad Zone 1
Vice Enforcement Squad Zone 2
Warrant Section
World Trade Center Command
Youth Strategies Division